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Yujiro Otsuki is a Las Vegas, NV based Japanese photographer, producer, journalist and film production coordinator who specializes in rally racing, automotive, editorial, travel, motorsports, product, portrait, wedding photography as well as Japanese to English translation and English to Japanese translation. His photographic works have been featured in various magazines and websites around the world. Yujiro Otsuki Media Co. also specializes in media coordination, location scouting, brand PR marketing, event creation, Japanese - English translation, web design, and consultation to Japanese companies that are entering the US market or US companies that are entering the Japanese market.

大月裕二郎メディアのホームページへようこそ。私どもはアメリカ ラスべガスベースのメディアカンパニーです。主に北米エリアでの写真撮影業務、ビデオ撮影代行、撮影コーディネート、取材コーディネート、機材レンタル、ライブ配信、ポケットWIFIレンタル、執筆、同時通訳、翻訳、日米企業のコンサルテーションを行っています。

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