Nice to meet you!


Hello and welcome to my website. You found my hideout!
My name is Yujiro Otsuki. People call me Yuji in the English speaking side of the world.

As you may have noticed by visiting my Portfolio section, I’m passionate about photography, motorsports and drama behind passionate people doing their passionate things! Born and raised in Tokyo, spending my teen years in Sunny California and currently residing in Nevada desert, I began liking sweet things and spicy things, basically anything extreme! so my subjects can be a bride in a church one day and an off-road race car flying at me in Mexico the next day. Whatever comes at me, I’ll be ready with my trusted Canon equipment. So my subjects can be sizzling food in your newly opened restaurant or a MMA fighter getting ready for a next fight or bridal party getting ready for a big day. I specialize in commercial, editorial, travel, bridal, portrait, automotive, and motorsport photography. Feel free to book me for your next project. It can be small or big. I can usually handle it. Besides shooting, I do PR, media and motorsport consulting and coordination. I started shooting video lately so when I’m ready to show you anything, I’ll post them here. Stay tuned.

When I’m not shooting, I’m usually trying to figure out which rally (race) to enter or which classic lenses to get. Currently I live in Las Vegas Valley with my wife and our rescued cat named Bubu. My passport is ready for my next assignment.

Let’s chat soon.


My rates: I do have a set local day rate and an out of state or an out of country rate. Longer job or less equipment means discount. Contact me for details.

Office: Las Vegas, NV.

Language: English or Japanese

Equipment: Canon, Apple, Profoto etc.

Speciality: Automotive, Editorial, Travel, Portrait, Product, Food, Sports, Event and Wedding.

Education: California State University, Long Beach BFA Photography

Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

Like: Good food, Fast car, Good company